Streamline, automate, and accelerate your approval workflows with Dapproval.

Say goodbye to manual, paper-based approvals and embrace a seamless digital workflow experience.

Our intuitive approval management system is designed to simplify and automate approvals, eliminating bottlenecks, reducing errors, and improving overall efficiency.



Collaborate seamlessly with your team members and stakeholders with our intuitive and user-friendly interface. Upload, share, and edit requests in real-time, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Leave comments, suggest changes, and track revisions, all within the software.



Tailor your approval workflows to match your organisation’s unique requirements. Define multiple approval stages, assign approvers, and set deadlines. Our flexible software adapts to your business processes, ensuring a smooth and consistent approval journey for every request.


Review and Feedback

Gather feedback and expedite approvals with our easy-to-use review features. Collaborators can highlight sections, add comments, and suggest edits directly on the request. Capture valuable insights, address concerns, and improve the process in real-time.



Stay informed about the progress of your requests at all times. Track the status of each request, monitor who has reviewed it, and see how long each stage took. Our comprehensive audit trail gives you complete visibility and accountability throughout the approval process.


and Accessible

Our software employs robust encryption protocols to protect your sensitive data. With our multi-factor authentication, rest easy knowing your request are safe and secure. Additionally, our cloud-based solution ensures your requests are accessible from anywhere, anytime, on any device. 


Take Control
of Your Approvals

Experience the power of streamlined approval workflows. Say goodbye to manual processes and embrace efficiency and accuracy with Dapproval. Simplify your approvals, save time, and focus on what matters most in achieving your business goals. 

We offer flexible pricing plans designed to cater to organisations of all sizes.

  • Monthly
  • Yearly
Basic Plan
£12per user per month
  • Ideal for small teams and startups of upto 20 employees
  • Up to 5 forms available
  • Basic document approval workflows
  • Real-time collaboration features
  • Cloud hosting
  • Email support
  • Mult-factor authentication
Standard Plan
£18per user per month
  • All features from basic plan
  • Suitable for growing businesses of upto 50 employees
  • Up to 10 forms available
  • Approval workflows and customisation options
  • Real-time collaboration with comments and annotations
  • Document tracking and reporting
  • Enhanced security features
  • Email and live chat support
  • All features from standard plan
  • Tailored for large enterprises and organisations with complex approval processes
  • 20+ forms
  • Advanced customisation and automation capabilities
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Premium security features, including user access controls and data encryption
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 24/7 priority support


Approval workflow management system is a software solution designed to streamline and automate the process of approving and managing requests within an organisation. It helps facilitate collaboration, track revisions, and ensure timely approvals.

The system typically allows users to upload requests, create approval workflows, assign approvers, and set deadlines. Requests can be shared and collaborated on in real-time, with features like version control, commenting, and tracking changes. Approvers receive notifications, review the document, provide feedback, and ultimately approve or reject it.

Using approval workflow management system offers several advantages, including:

  • Improved efficiency: Automated workflows and real-time collaboration reduce manual effort and streamline the approval process.
  • Enhanced accuracy: Clear audit trails, version control, and standardised processes minimise errors and ensure compliance.
  • Time savings: Faster approvals and reduced back-and-forth communication result in time savings for all stakeholders.
  • Centralised approval management: All relevant requests are stored in a central repository, making them easily accessible and searchable.
  • Increased accountability: Tracking features enable organisations to monitor and report on the status and progress of approval requests.

Yes, our approval workflow management systems offer customisation options. You can define multiple approval stages, specify the order of approvers, set deadlines, and configure rules to match your organisation’s unique requirements and approval hierarchies.

Yes, our approval workflow management systems prioritise data security. They employ encryption techniques to protect sensitive information and may offer additional security measures such as user authentication, access controls, and audit logs. Be sure to choose a system that complies with industry security standards.